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Detects Damages

Because your roof rests on the top of your house, it isn't always easy to spot damages and weak areas. Sometimes, the only way to tell that your roof is damaged is when you spring a leak inside your home. That's why routine roof inspections are vital because we find the problem areas before they cause costly, irreversible issues. 

Increases Property Value

Are you trying to sell your home? We guarantee that the value of your property will skyrocket if you've had a professional roof inspection performed by a licensed contractor. It's important to spot and repair any problems with your roof before listing the property. Potential buyers are more apt to make an offer when the roof is intact.

Keeps You Safe

Unfortunately, there can be many issues with your roofing system in Brighton that you're unaware of. Sometimes, those issues can cause safety hazards. Falling shingles, rotted wood, and problems with moisture getting under roofing material can all be found during an inspection and then quickly remedied to protect your investment.

Roof Inspections in Brighton are Worth It!

The BEST Roof Inspectors in Brighton, CO

For several decades our company has provided on-point roof inspections to Brighton home and business owners. We've been able to spot roofing flaws and pinpoint their root causes, saving our clients thousands of dollars. Did you know that we offer roof inspection for free? 

We value the greatness of assessment very much because it is an incredibly useful tool in keeping roofs safe and functional. As a fully licensed and insured business, you can count on our company to never cut corners. We'll show up to your property prepared and ready to work. 

Once your inspection is complete, you'll be given a full report of our findings and any repair or replacement recommendations. We'll also provide a report to your insurance company or mortgage broker if needed. So call us today to set up your appointment for a no-cost inspection.
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Benefits to Having Expert Roofing Inspection Services

The best thing you can do for your property is to have its roof professionally assessed. Have you been searching for "roof inspectors near me in Brighton"? We're happy that you landed on our business page! Check out some of the excellent reasons why having an inspection is beneficial:

*Insurance Purposes - Filing insurance claims after a storm or fire has damaged your roof can be quite an ordeal. However, our inspectors document everything during the assessment and forward all findings to your insurance company.
*Peace of Mind - An inspection offers assurance to home and business owners because it takes the wondering out of what's happening with their roof.
*Replacement Preparation - Most roofing materials have lifespans. Routine inspections allow you to know when the time to replace is approaching.
*Ensure Proper Drainage - The number one cause of roof problems is irregular draining patterns. Our inspectors will find the issue and make the needed repairs.
*Protects the Warranty - Have you read the fine print of your roof's warranty? It may include conditions that you're unaware of. Having an inspection done by a professional roofing company like ours ensures all conditions are met in order to keep the warranty active.

As you can see, there are many reasons to have your residential or commercial roof inspected by an experienced contractor. Plus, it's free, so there's nothing to lose.

Do You Know the Condition of Your Brighton Roof?

There are signs and symptoms to look out for, and should you see any of them, it is wise to initiate roof inspection with a trusted company. There are some things that you should never neglect, such as shingles separating from their adhesive, curling, blistering, or cracking. 

Those are the first signs that something isn't quite right with your roofing system. The longer you allow damages to go unrepaired on your roof, the worse off the problem will become and can result in extremely costly roofing repairs. Did you know that algae can grow on your roof when exposed to moisture that cannot properly drain? 

The green stains that you're seeing are hazardous organisms that not only look ugly but can make you sick. Our inspectors are experts at what they do and will find any discrepancy in your roof, regardless of the type or style. To get prompt service, please fill out our online form or call us right away.
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Trust a Team That's Willing to Crawl Up On Your Roof

Brighton Roofing Contractors is a company that values your safety and wellbeing. We're also risk-takers. Why else would we willingly get on people's roofs? There's something satisfying about inspecting a roof, finding the problem, and making repairs that last a lifetime. 

Your home or commercial property is your biggest investment. A minor roofing issue can quickly turn into something major, and it can wreak havoc on your life and bank account. Our job is to help you avoid that scenario. 

Our contractors are experienced, skilled, and dedicated to keeping your home covered by a durable roofing system. We offer 24-hour emergency assistance when disaster strikes your roof. Call us when you need us most, and we'll be there.
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"Was really impressed with the communication from this company. When I needed a roof replacement, several other roofing contractors in the area didn't even return my call. These guys were responsive, answered all my questions, and the price was actually pretty reasonable. I highly recommend Brighton Roofing Company!"

– Michael S.

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