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Eco-Friendly Material

Gone are the days of driving past heaping piles of asphalt shingles at the dump! Asphalt shingles are now able to be recycled. Not only are you making your home look incredible with an aesthetic roofing system, but you're helping to preserve the planet, too! Using materials that don't disrupt the environment is more important now than ever.

Peace of Mind

Did you know that asphalt shingles are one of the most durable and long-lasting materials that can be installed upon your roof? It used to be that asphalt didn't last very long, but after some reformulations, that simply isn't true anymore. Adding asphalt shingles to your roof gives you confidence that it'll last a lifetime and beyond.


Of all roofing materials, asphalt is by far the most affordable. For many homeowners choosing a roofing solution with the lowest price tag is often the bottom line. With asphalt shingles, you get an economical rate and a product that is as tough as nails and can stand up to the tests of time and the elements. Are you excited to get started? Call us!

Introducing Exceptional Asphalt Shingle Roofing in Brighton!

Professional Asphalt Roof Application You Can Trust

We offer expert asphalt shingle roofing in Brighton for both residential and commercial properties. Getting the roof of your dreams shouldn't be a difficult process, and our contractors make sure that it goes smoothly and without incident. 

You can count on our team to have all the right tools and equipment so that your shingles are installed right the first time. Asphalt is one of our company's favorite roofing materials to apply because it's durable, lasts over 30 years, and is eco-safe. 

Take a moment to schedule a FREE consultation with our structural engineers today for asphalt repair, replacement, inspection, or new construction projects.
asphalt shingle roofing brighton
asphalt roof shingles brighton

What Makes Asphalt Shingles so Great?

There are many reasons to adorn your Brighton home or business with asphalt roof tiles, especially if you're seeking an affordable option. Take a look at why other asphalt roofing customers enjoy this amazing material so much:

*Easy to Maintain - With a few non-laborious maintenance measures that our contractors can provide, your asphalt roof will last for decades with hardly any effort.
*Durability - Asphalt is one of the most durable roofing materials available. It can stand up to severe weather patterns, bird waste, and much more.
*Energy Efficient - Did you know that asphalt is notorious for regulating indoor temperatures? It keeps both cool and warm air inside the home so that your HVAC devices don't have to work overtime, thus saving you money!
*Variety & Appearance - Asphalt shingles come in hundreds of different colors and textures. Choose what gives your home the most curb appeal!

The Brighton Roofing Company is your #1 source for gorgeous asphalt shingle roofing. Contact us right now via our convenient online form.

Is it Time for Asphalt Shingle Roofing at Your Brighton Home?

Or, maybe your commercial roofing system would look great with asphalt roofing replacement services? Whatever the case might be, just know that we have a solution to meet your needs. 

Now, if your current roofing situation is in dire straights and you need a new roof right now, we implore you to initiate services as soon as possible. Why? Because the longer your roof remains compromised the worse off the damages will become causing costly repairs for other structures of your home or business. 

The first step is having an inspection of a current roofing system or a consultation for new installation. Both services are completely FREE of charge!
replacing asphalt shingles brighton
brighton asphalt roofers

Your Top-Rated Brighton Asphalt Roofing Team!

Do yourself a favor and hire our team for all of your Brighton asphalt roofing needs. We offer repair, replacement, inspection, installation, and new construction services. 

Plus, our rates are the most competitive in the entire state. You truly cannot go wrong with us! We've got the experience necessary to tackle all roofing projects with gusto, and it shows in our flawless track record. 

Now is the time to get that leaky roof repaired or, better yet, replaced with durable, long-lasting asphalt shingles. If asphalt isn't the material you're looking for, be sure to request information about all of our quality roofing materials!
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"Was really impressed with the communication from this company. When I needed a roof replacement, several other roofing contractors in the area didn't even return my call. These guys were responsive, answered all my questions, and the price was actually pretty reasonable. I highly recommend Brighton Roofing Company!"

– Michael S.

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