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After a ferocious storm blows into Northern Colorado, you instantly start thinking about the possibilities. That includes hail damage in Brighton. When you see it, or if you're unsure whether or not anything has happened, contact us. We will send someone over right away!

24/7 Emergency Repairs

When you think about businesses that are open 24/7, a roofing company in Brighton probably isn't the first thing to come to mind. We are available around the clock for your emergency roof repairs! That's because we know that you need to take care of your roof damages sooner rather than later, and we will be there!

FREE Inspections

If you're on a limited budget, or if you had no plans for funding repairs for hail damage in Brighton, the cost can be a little intimidating to think about. We will start you out with a FREE inspection and estimate, so you know exactly what to expect.

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We Have an Eye for Hail Damage in Brighton

You look out the window after the storm and determine that it's safe to start poking around your property for hail damage in Brighton. What you may not be aware of is that not all hail damage can be seen from the ground or even with an untrained eye on the roof. Our HAAG certified inspectors at Brighton Roofing Company have been fully trained in checking for weak spots and other issues that might otherwise get overlooked
hail damage Brighton - weak spots in roof
Brighton hail damage - roof damage

Hail Damage in Brighton Can be Bigger than You Think!

Maybe you do see a few problems with hail damage in Brighton. It doesn't look to major, so you don't necessarily think a roof repair in Brighton is going to be required. As soon as your roof gets hit with large, heavy pieces of hail, some areas aren't as secure anymore. Those vulnerable spots are more likely to expand and cause much more significant issues after just a short time. Get our professional opinion before letting it go.
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Don't Wait to do Repairs for Hail Damage in Brighton

Mother Nature unleashed at your Northern Colorado home, and you see some minor damages. The only way to be 100% confident that your home's structure, your family, and all your possessions are protected is with an inspection. Any area that has been hit hard enough should go through a roof repair in Brighton. If you're worried about the cost, ask about how we can help you with your insurance claim. You shouldn't have to pay more than your standard deductible.
hail damage Brighton - roof repairs
hail damage Brighton - hand holding large hail

Be Leery of Storm Chasers for Your Hail Damage in Brighton

Hail damage in Brighton will draw the attention of what we call "storm chasers" in the industry. They see the potential to make a fortune on doing quick roof repairs in Brighton that homeowners desperately need but don't want to pay top dollar for. We offer competitive pricing and only use the highest quality, most affordable roofing products in Brighton. You'll see the difference in your results!
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"Was really impressed with the communication from this company. When I needed a roof replacement, several other roofing contractors in the area didn't even return my call. These guys were responsive, answered all my questions, and the price was actually pretty reasonable. I highly recommend Brighton Roofing Company!"

– Michael S.

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You don't want to have to use different roofing companies in Brighton every time you need a service done. Instead of trying to find a new contractor to work with, turn to us for all of your roofing service in Brighton needs. We are your full-service business!

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