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"Great company to work with. They had some of the best warranties out of all the roofing companies I contacted, and the pricing was decent. They also got the job done on time and in a single day!"
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When you are looking for services for roofing in Brighton, it doesn't take much to get overwhelmed and stressed out. With all the Brighton roofing companies out there, know that we will start you off with a FREE inspection and estimate on what's coming your way.

Years of Roofing Experience

We've worked with plenty of other Brighton roofing companies over the years, and that's why we started our own business in 2015. You're going to see the difference in the way we treat you compared to the others that are only there to collect a paycheck. We care about you!


It doesn't matter if you're calling on us for a residential roof installation or a complex commercial installation. We give every job the same attention to detail so that the results are absolutely flawless. Your satisfaction is number one, and we won't stop until we achieve it.

Our Brighton Roofing Company Can't Be Beat!

Residential and commercial roofing in Brighton done right the first time.

As a homeowner or business operator in need of improvements to your property, you've likely started asking around about Brighton roofing companies. While there are some out there that can do satisfactory work, there are plenty more that just slap something together so they can hand you a bill.

At Brighton Roofing Company, we want to be able to put our name on the work we do with confidence it's been done right. We have a long list of positive customer reviews and happy clients that can attest to what we do. Our Brighton roofers have BBB accreditation and are qualified, licensed roofing specialists.

You're never going to have to call on us to come back and make adjustments because we won't leave the job site until it's perfect. In the rare chance that something does go wrong, we will come back right away and figure out what the problem is. There won't be any additional charges arising for you either. As a trusted local company for roofing services in Brighton, we stand firm behind our work.
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"Was really impressed with the communication from this company. When I needed a roof replacement, several other roofing contractors in the area didn't even return my call. These guys were responsive, answered all my questions, and the price was actually pretty reasonable. I highly recommend Brighton Roofing Company!"

– Michael S.

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Our Full-Service Brighton Roofing Company

Whether you need roof repair, roof installation, or roof inspections, our roofers are at the ready to provide the roofing services homeowners need. Our top roofing contractors work with your insurance company and provide free project cost information. 

Superior Residential Roofing Services in Brighton

There's no question about how valuable your home is to you. It's likely going to be the biggest investment that you ever make in your lifetime. 

On top of that, everything you care about is under the roof, including your family and your most prized possessions. The only way to ensure that you can keep everything protected is with superior residential roofing services in Brighton

Let Brighton Roofing Company make sure that you have nothing to worry about. All you need to do is schedule roofing services for your home!
roof replacement in Brighton
commercial roofer Brighton - roofer fixed damage

Dependable Commercial Roofing in Brighton

As you try and run your business, you don't have the time to worry about the building structure. However, your property is the first impression that potential customers and clients get of who you are and what type of operation you have. Commercial roofing services may be your saving grace!

With regular commercial roofing in Brighton maintenance, repairs, and other services, you're creating an astounding curb appeal that not every company has. Let us put you on a regular maintenance plan so that you never have to worry about the roof again. 

Our roofing business will take care of everything before you even know there was a problem to begin with. Call to schedule commercial roofing services!

Fast & Reliable Roof Repair in Brighton

Roof repair in Brighton isn't something that you should put off for any length of time. The longer you wait to get the work done, the higher the potential for extensive, secondary damages that can get rather costly. 

When your roof is in a weakened state, your entire home's foundation is at risk. Don't wait on roof repairs, which lets water and other debris creep into areas with missing or broken shingles. 

We will show up at your requested appointment time, get the job done with swiftness using quality roofing products, and the stress of a necessary emergency roof repair in Brighton is eliminated!
Brighton roofing company performs repair on roof in Brighton
best Brighton roofers and roof replacement

Complete Roof Replacement in Brighton

After about 20 years, you're going to be looking at a roof replacement in Brighton. It doesn't matter how well you took care of the shingles that are up there. 

Everything wears down over time. As much as you don't want to think about what it's going to take to get a roof replacement done, it's not something you want to neglect.

Our Brighton roofing company will walk you through every single step of your roofing services so that you can have confidence knowing you're making the right choice for yourself, your family, and your property.

Insulate with Metal Roofing in Brighton

Asphalt shingles are losing popularity. More and more metal roofing in Brighton is popping up. That's because people are realizing that a slightly more significant investment in the materials for metal roofing is going to pay for itself in no time. Metal roofing is indestructible when paired against the Northern Colorado weather, so you won't' have to worry about costly repairs!

Learn About our Brighton Roofing Contractors

As a family owned and operated roofing company in Brighton, we want our customers to be treated the right way. At our company we only hire Brighton roofing contractors that have the same values and integrity that we do. You can rest assured that we would never send someone to your location that we wouldn't want around our own families. 

Quick Hail Damage Repairs in Brighton

If you've been in Colorado for any length of time, you've probably experienced one of the hellacious storms that blow in. With the weather comes hail that can reach golf ball size or larger. When that's hitting your roof, you can expect hail damage repairs in Brighton are going to be necessary. Our HAAG certified inspectors are trained in what to look for, so nothing will be left undone.

Discover All of Our Brighton Roofing Service Areas

While our primary service area for roofing is in Brighton, our dependable crew is prepared to travel to your home or business in Fort Lupton, Henderson, & Lochbuie to assist you with all your repairs, replacements, installations, and hail damage issues. If you think you're located in our roofing service area, don't hesitate to chat with our friendly staff to discuss your roof inspection!
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